Small Groups

We believe that we were created for relationship with God and for relationship with one another. We have around 20 small groups that meet together during the week to  study the Bible, pray together, talk about real life issues, serve together, and help one another grow in their relationships with God. Small group environments are such a high value for us that everyone on our staff is either leading a small group or in one, and about half of our adults are currently in groups.

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Getting in a group

If you come to Trinity, you might receive a direct invitation to join a group. But if you want to get in a group right away, fill out our online Small Groups form.

4 Key Ingredients

We believe every small group should have 4 key ingredients:

  • Intentional leader
  • Relational environment
  • Biblical foundation
  • Reproducible model

Each of these ingredients help our small groups stay grounded around the purpose of growing as believers in Jesus and making disciples. We want to make disciples in our small groups and this means reproducibility and growth. That is why many of our small groups have grown and branched into multiple groups.

why do you attend a small group?