A Bible reading plan that walks readers through 260 foundational passages over the course of a year. 

Read With us

In 2018, we’re encouraging every person at Trinity Bible Church to read through God’s Word with us. We'll follow a reading plan called "Foundations" (or "F260") that starts in Genesis and walks us through 260 foundational passages. You can also pick up a copy of the Foundations 260 plan at a designated table in church, download a digital copy below, or access the plan on The Bible App by YouVersion (search for “F260”).

The Foundations reading plan is designed for reading five days a week, giving readers weekends off (with time to catch up if you miss a day). The F260 plan also highlights memory verses each week to complement your reading as you journey through the Bible. You can also find the memory verses on The Scripture Typer App under the "Foundations Memory Verses Trinity Bible Church" group.

Click Here to Download the F260 Reading Plan (PDF)

Click Here to Download the H.E.A.R Bible Journaling Method (PDF)

Additional Resources:

There are several companion journals available for purchase that provide a short devotional for each reading, along with space to write. You can purchase the journal online at Lifeway Ministries via these links:

Purchase the Foundations Journal for Adults

Purchase the Foundations Journal for Teens

Purchase the Foundations Journal for Kids