who we are

Our Mission

We make disciples who make disciples. Jesus' last instructions in Matthew 28 include the command to “go and make disciples of all people.” In 2 Timothy 2:2 we see a model for multiplying disciples: Paul > Timothy > Faithful People > Others. As we become disciples of Jesus, we help others become disciples of Jesus, and it continues!

our pathway

What is a disciple? Someone who (1) follows Jesus, (2) is being changed by Jesus, and (3) is living on mission with Jesus (Matthew 4:19). This is Our Pathway for what discipleship looks like at Trinity, in each program and ministry, during each age and phase of life, with each generation.

Our Vision

We envision a movement of spiritual generations that will transform the very fabric of our community through worshipping Jesus, connecting with God and others, serving faithfully, giving generously, and multiplying disciples. We will not stop until God gets all the glory that He deserves.

our foundation

Read the Story of how Trinity Bible Church came to be, and learn what Beliefs  form our foundation of faith and teaching. Everyone on our Staff would consider it a blessing to answer your questions and get to know you! 


Knowing the beliefs of our church community is very important in understanding why we do what we do. What we believe shapes how we think, how we act, and how we respond to certain situations.


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Since its beginning in 1968, Trinity Bible Church has grown into a vibrant, gospel-centered, multi-generational church located in the heart of Cedar Falls.


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