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mosaic: Gatherings

6th - 12th Grade

We invite all junior high and high school students to meet at Trinity for games, worship, teaching, and prayer over the school year. This time will be full of energy and laughter, and will be a place for students to connect with God and each other. 
Starting this Fall,
Mosaic Gatherings will meet on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15pm

mosaic: Groups

9th-12 Grade | Sundays: 6-7:30 pm | Host Home

 These small groups 10-12 weeks during the school year, and are a safe place for senior high students to share their struggles, be encouraged and be challenged by adult leaders. 

6th-8th Grade | Sundays: 6-7:30 pm | Trinity Bible Church

Our Junior High students will be forming a biblical foundation through theological and apologetics training.

Disciple-Maker Track

6th - 12th Grade

The Disciple-Maker Track is done in 1:1 or 1:2 relationships between a student and a mature disciple-maker within Trinity Bible Church. This is for those students who are truly hungry to grow in their faith and willing to disciple someone at some point.
Every other week meeting with disciple-maker | Accountability meeting every 2 months  



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