we follow jesus in community.

God designed each of us to be in relationship - connected to Him, to Jesus, to the Spirit, and to each other. In connection we disciple each other and grow in faith, in community, and in our impact. In the body of Christ, at Trinity, you are seen - from the earliest years to the golden years. Come and connect.


Contact us and we would love to help you get plugged in!

We also encourage anyone who wants to call Trinity their "home" to attend a Next Steps Class, which are available every three months on Saturday mornings.  Next Steps will  help you understand how to take the next step in following Jesus as a united body of believers and also learn more about Trinity's mission, vision, and beliefs.  


TreeHouse Kids connects parents and vetted volunteers to make disciples who make disciples by helping kids be rooted in Jesus and by teaching them how to grow in the love of Christ for the world around them.


We desire for middle school and high school students to experience Jesus and community, be genuinely cared for, and to have a safe space to be discipled (and to disciple) and grow in faith, alongside peers, and in partnership with parents. 


We love the energy college students bring to Trinity! At Trinity, we want you to be a part of our church family and to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. We host college meals at Trinity and in homes throughout the year and encourage you to be a part of our serving team or Small Groups. We also partner with the UNI Navigators to provide on-campus bible studies, 1 to 1 discipleship, and other opportunities to connect with others and grow in your faith. 


Men and women go through many phases and challenges in life. Community helps us thrive. A structure to support, disciple, and impact each other is  intentional, here.


Membership simply acknowledges that I believe that Jesus is working through my local church and that I intend to follow Him from within this particular body. By becoming a formal member, you are given various privileges and responsibilities. Our goal is not to devalue non-members, but to put the ownership and leadership of our church in the hands of those who are in alignment with our Biblical mission and theology. 


There is more happening at Trinity! Explore additional information below.